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What is Daddy’s Time Out?

Daddy’s Time Out© began as a children’s book, but it has grown into a community.
This effort was launched by Jeremy Gregg with the help of previously incarcerated people, their family members, as well as child therapists and leading voices in the movement to improve the criminal justice system. In 2020, this group led a Kickstarter to publish the book, launch this Web site, and form the foundation of the DTO community.

Buy the Book

We are proud to share our book – which features the beautiful artwork of Christian McGowan – with you and your family!

We expect that the books on amazon store to be released for sale to the public by late 2020. Sign up here to receive notice when the book is available!

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Daddy's Time Out Grants

If you are a nonprofit, school, faith community, or civic association that serves people who would benefit from this book, please contact us to apply for a grant for free downloads and discounted copies of the book.

And if lack of money will prevent you from purchasing the book for your family, please contact us. We will do our best to work with you to get a copy of the book to your child.

Our Nonprofit Partners

Instead of accepting donations for Daddy’s Time Out, we suggest that our supporters consider a gift to one of our charitable partners who work with the families we aim to support. For a full list of organizations that we endorse as good stewards of your gifts, please click here.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Amachi Program

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Prison Entrepreneurship

Family Program

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Prison Fellowship


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Equal Justice


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NOTE: 100% of these donations go directly to our charitable partners. Daddy’s Time Out does not receive any commissions… our reward comes from being able to live in a better world because of these organizations!

Our Sponsors

The Daddy’s Time Out community is deeply grateful to the following sponsors whose financial contributions made this project possible.

"Daddy's Time Out" Legacy Changers

AdvanceNet Labs

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"Daddy's Time Out" Heroes


For the full list of backers, click here.

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